Sites of Interest

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s capital, her largest city and main port, a situation which dates back to colonial times. The distinctly African, colourful markets are well worth a visit and both a German and British influence can still be seen in the architecture around the city.
The Rift Valley is a massive geological feature which runs from the Middle East all the way down Africa to northern Botswana but where it really is amazing is a short drive north of Nairobi. The ground drops away below you and gaze upon this massive valley which is home to lakes, soda lakes and…
Nairobi is Africa’s 4th largest city and is a vibrant and exciting place and although it has developed a reputation which keeps tourist visits brief there are some fascinating attractions: its café culture, unbridled nightlife, the National Museum, the Karen Blixen Museum and most notably just 20 minutes from the city centre wild lions and…
The view of a snow capped Mt Kenya with an elephant in the foreground must be one of Africa’s most iconic. Africa’s second highest mountain (5199m) is an awe-inspiring sight and its forests, trout filled streams and game reserve are of great interest for those not wanting to summit the peak. Unlike Mt Kilimanjaro Mt…
Spice Island, Slave Island, Arab Island, Tropical Island - Zanzibar is or was all of the above. The enchanting winding streets and high townhouses of old Stone Town remain unchanged with their giant, ornate doors. Spice tours to working plantations allow you to see where your cloves, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon come from. Tropical beaches…
Pemba Island was known to the Arab sailors as the ‘Green Island' and is a tropical island paradise fertile, heavily vegetated, palm tree lined beaches and the coral reefs that surround the island offer some of the best diving anywhere in the world. The island’s tourism industry is not as developed as Zanzibar’s and consists…
Olduvai Gorge is a paleoanthropological site of major significance, where an old river has carved away the rock to expose layer upon layer of volcanic soil. This is where Dr Louis and Mary Leakey found the remains of hominids "Nutcracker Man", "Tool Making Man" and "Lucy", discoveries that have helped to fill some of the…
Arusha is the safari capital of Tanzania - nestled below Mt. Meru, close to Mount Kilimanjaro, the Manyara, Tarangire and Ngorongoro National Parks and from there it’s a short trip to the Serengeti. Just to the north, on the slopes of Mt. Meru is the Arusha National Park. Built by the Germans as a centre…

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