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Bartholomeus Klip Farmhouse

    Bartholomeus Klip Farmhouse, near to Cape Town, is a boutique hotel situated on a working farm with a 4000 hectare nature reserve described as ‘a highly sensitive and ecologically important stretch of land, the botanical value of which is incalculable’.

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    It is the largest remaining conserved portion of West Coast Renosterveld, a highly threatened vegetation type that has been almost entirely ploughed up for wheat farming, with less than 3% now existing in its natural state. The owners are so convinced of its value and concerned for its long-term future security that they have entered into a pioneering agreement with the State, giving up some of their rights of ownership so that it can be conserved in perpetuity.

    The reserve is rich in plant species, among them many beautiful species of bulbs, and the checklist of plant species recorded now numbers more than 800. Dozens of rare and endangered plant species are found in the reserve, including three that occur only here, and without the protection offered by the reserve there is no doubt that several of these species would now be extinct. It is also the last remaining viable habitat of the geometric tortoise, the world's second most endangered land tortoise. Many other animals and reptiles occur here, among them leopard, baboon, springbuck, eland, black wildebeest and zebras from the quagga re-breeding programme.

    The farm also runs a project to breed disease-free buffalo, important since these animals are threatened by foot and mouth disease, tuberculosis and corridor disease, in other parts of the country such as the Kruger National Park.

    Bartholomeus Klip was the first farm-based tourism business to qualify for the prestigious Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa certification trademark, which is the first in the world to endorse fair and responsible tourism practice. It is awarded to tourism businesses that adhere to Fair Trade criteria such as fair wages and working conditions; fairness in operations, purchasing and distribution of benefits; ethical business practice; and respect for human rights, culture and environment.

    The hotel was originally set up to provide employment for wives of workers on the farm, and it remains committed to their welfare, as well as to the surrounding community. The farm’s enthusiastic nature conservation officer has encouraged the formation of an Eco-Schools Club at a nearby school, which makes regular visits, and leadership camps have been held in the reserve for local high school children.

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