Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell

Africa Specialist

With over 15 years’ experience in many areas of tourism and hotel services, both front of house and behind the scenes, Bruce has been fortunate enough to travel and work in many countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Favourite Camp: Amara Selous

Favourite Lodge: Manta Resort

My Last Trip:
I took my Wife and Stepson to the Selous Game Reserve for three nights, then on to Pemba Island for seven nights with the last two nights in Zanzibar.

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With a focus on specialist knowledge and exceptional customer service, Bruce has developed a portfolio of clients who now consider him to be their personal travel consultant, wherever they choose to travel. Bruce believes that travel is important in understanding ourselves and the culture we're used to. Meeting new people and experiencing different cultures can hold a mirror up to ourselves, helping us to appreciate what we have and what we still need to learn. He loves to seek out new destinations and experiences without compromising on quality and believes it's not about how expensive a holiday is, but the quality and authenticity of experiences you enjoy.

Having said that, he prefers to travel in comfort and style and with his experience in hotel services, is partial to luxury, fine wine and dining. What really makes Tanzania so special for Bruce is the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Swahili people. Tanzania is the perfect place to propose to your loved one, to spend your honeymoon or anniversary and the Zanzibar Archipelago will stay in the mind and heart for years to come.

He has recently achieved a lifetime ambition, to qualify as a PADI certified open water diver during his last stay on Pemba Island. His only worry is that he's already dived in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations and that other dive holidays might not quite compare.

I have so many wonderful memories of travelling in East Africa. Asking my wife to marry me while staying at Saadani Safari Lodge is a memory I will always cherish. Learning to dive around Pemba Island and the sunsets at Manta Resort before a sea food dinner on the beach under a canvas of stars is also something I will always remember. There is absolutely no light pollution and the Milky Way is so clear it almost looks like a cloud across the sky.

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Monday, 03 February 2014 15:59

Selous Riverside: A great little safari camp on the banks of the Rufiji River.

On arrival, the managers made us feel very welcome with cool drinks and refreshing scented towels before showing us to our deluxe safari tent with its own pool. We arrived after a long haul flight and were able to enjoy a well needed rest in comfortable beds before a lunch was served in the main dining area.
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 14:01

The Residence: Luxurious Sophistication in Peaceful Surroundings.

Refreshing drinks and frangipani scented iced towels welcome you on check in while you are briefed by the friendly reception staff and from the minute you arrive at The Residence you know you're going to be very well looked after.
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 17:55

Amara - Luxury and Seclusion in the heart of the Tanzanian Bush.

The great Rufiji River provides a wonderfully serene soundtrack to your stay as it flows over rocks and past your spacious and luxuriously apointed suite. Everything has been designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind as drinks, meals and spa treatments are all included and provided at your suite.
Pure Safari Customer Reviews
  • 28-01-14 Client Feedback - Selous Riverside Camp & The Z Hotel

    Hi Bruce

    We had a really fantastic time thanks. You did such a good job arranging everything for us. We have highly recommended your company to our friends.

    Many thanks.

    Jessie and Chris.

  • 31-12-13 Client Feedback - Tent With A View

    Hi Bruce

    Just to let you know that we had a fantastic safari. Tent with a view was paradise. Natalie the manager and the staff there were warm and welcoming.

    We were lucky with the safari as we saw lots of animals especially elephants; which were almost chased by the male elephant protecting his herd! Giraffes, baboons etc...

    I would definitely recommend for all.

    Thanks for arranging and advice when booking.

    Happy New year!


  • 02-12-13 Client Feedback - Siwandu & Manta Resort


    What can I say….except THANK YOU! Everything was more than expected. I can’t thank you enough. You will be pleased to know that we did stay in the UNDERWATER ROOM! It was truly amazing! It will be something we will remember the rest of our lives. I am so happy that I found you and your company. You made our dream become a reality!


  • 25-11-13 Client Feedback - Selous Riverside Camp & Ras Nungwi

    HI Bruce

    We literally had the BESTEST time on holiday ever. Both hotels were amazing, the weather perfect and everything ran so smoothly. Not one complaint!

    Thank you hugely for helping us with everything, much appreciated.

    Best regards,


  • 08-10-13 Client Feedback - Breezes Beach Club & Hideaway of Nungwi


    Zanzibar was a bit of a gamble, but it exceeded our expectations.

    Breezes and Hideaway were a good combination and overall we really loved both. Slightly disappointed with the options at the buffet dinner at Hideaway, although the speciality restaurants and dining under the stars buffet were good.

    Would stay at both again, longer at Breezes next time and Hideaway if it retains the HB option, we would not go all inclusive.

    We did Stone town en route from Breezes to Hideaway, and agree a few hours was sufficient to get a feel for the place.

    I was surprised that the internal transfer between hotels,was not meant mentioned on the itinerary, even if you then recommended that it was better to organise it ourself locally. I did not notice it was not mentioned, and must admit I thought it was included. Did make me wonder if was a way to make your quote lower than the competition!

    Next time we would probably combine with a safari.

    The stopover for a few days in the Al Bustan Palace Muscat on the way back, was also fantastic, and have to admit the food was superb.


  • 04-10-13 Client Feedback - Siwandu & Baraza Honeymoon

    Dear Bruce,

    Yes, we very much enjoyed the holiday, thank you for creating this great program for us.

    The most exciting was definitely the Safari at Siwandu – we liked everything there: The venue is great, the game drives were very private (it was either the 2 of us or us plus a fellow Austrian we got to know there), the staff at the Selous extremely attentive (at the last day, we had a surprise dinner at the terrace in front of our tent, the time needed to set all of this up without us noticing was nicely spent with the head of the camp having a pleasant chat with us), food was good…

    At Zanzibar, the hotel was definitely a good recommendation: very good food (varied, tasty, great choice, lots of fish and seafood, the chef remembered some special wishes for the next day and prepared it), the villa very nice and spacious, staff very friendly and attentive. So also a great choice.

    I think the only watchout was the ground staff – they sold us a Stone Town tour, where in total I think we had 3 or 4 guides we were moved to from one to the other, when they picked us up for the return to the airport, they came half an hour late, the driver did barely speak any English and just dropped us at the parking of the airport without us knowing where to go for the return flight to Dar. All in all though a small thing.

    And as mentioned, we are really thinking of doing again a safari, where we would take our mothers. Timing is to be determined, probably some time in late spring, and ideally, we would go somewhere that can be reached from Istanbul with a direct flight. But as I said, there is still some time to go until then.

    Best regards,


  • 04-10-13 Client Feedback - Langi Langi & The Manta Resort

    Hi Bruce,

    Hope you are well.

    We had a fantastic time - particularly in Pemba. Arriving at the Manta was like reaching a retreat. So relaxing and the room and people were great. We particularly enjoyed the food and the spa treatments and it was just so nice to walk up and down the beach looking at what the sea had washed up. I did a few nice dives and we were lucky enough to see some humpback whales pass by. It was also nice to see enough of Oman on the way back to be interested in going back for a week to take a closer look.

    Altogether very enjoyable. Thank you for your help and recommendations in putting it together for us.

    Kind regards

    Emma & Rich.

  • 04-09-13 Client Feedback - Safari and Green & Blue

    Hi Bruce

    So sorry for the delay, been busy since we got back.

    Honeymoon was amazing thank you. The week spent on safari in Tarangire, Serengeti and Ngorongoro was quite possibly the best week of our lives. I guess I didn't quite realise how frequent and close by the animals were going to be. Awesome stuff.

    And the second week wasn't bad either! It was perfect for just chilling out and not doing anything, just what we wanted. And the people that worked there were great, and always livened up our meal times with swahili leasons and the like.

    Thank you for everything you organised, it was all great, and am looking forward to exploring more of Africa once we've saved a bit more!



  • 21-08-13 Client Feedback - Langi Langi

    Hi Bruce,

    We had a lovely time in Africa thank you and Langi Langi was a great booking for Zanzibar. We were surprised how poorly most of the locals live compared to us tourists and wish the goverment could spend some of our dollars helping them to help themselves a bit more but yeah beaches were awesome food was quality and all in all a top time. I'll keep your contact for our next Africa trip.

    Cheers for now

    Alex Joyce

  • 28-06-11 Client Feedback - Baraza Resort and Spa

    Hey Bruce,

    Thanks for getting in touch. It was on my 'to do' list to get in contact with you but so much to sort out since being back I haven't found the time yet so glad you chased.

    In short, the honeymoon was absolutely fantastic and exceeded all our expectations (which were very high to begin with lol). The safari was amazing, accommodation and food excellent, the guide (Wilson) first class and we saw loads of wildlife. The Baraza was incredible and the perfect way to spend the second week. We didn't want to leave.

    Thanks to you and your team for sorting this out. As you know we had our reservations when first booking the honeymoon due to the variety and expense of it all but we are 100% satisfied and will definitely be back for our next trip. Thanks for convincing us :)



    P.S. We met a couple at The Baraza who were keen on going on safari and when they heard of our experience (over a few coconut and rums) they were really keen for me to send on some info. You happy enough for me to send on your details?

  • 04-07-11 Client Feedback - Selous Riverside & Breezes Beach Club

    Dear Bruce,

    Thank you for your email, we had a great trip. Being on safari was a wonderful experience and Zanzibar is heaven on earth! Thank you for your great advice and for arranging the messages from our friends when we arrived, that was a lovely touch


    There are only a few things I'd like to report back on really. The first being that the pool at Selous Riverside Camp was completely green for the duration of our stay and we weren't able to go in. Apparently this isn't something that they could have foreseen, however I have a pool myself and in summer it has occasionally turned green but with the right chemicals you can usually clear it in 24-48 hours. It was annoying, but it didn't ruin the time we had on safari. The camp was great and had the right balance of luxury whilst still allowing for the feel of camping in the jungle, and the food was first-rate.

    When we flew from the camp to Zanzibar, we didn't go via Dar Es Salaam, which made us early arriving. This wasn't much of an issue except that our transfer didn't show for an hour and we were standing outside the airport being slightly harassed by other taxi drivers. I'm sure the Zanzibar rep had a busy schedule but if it was possible for them to check the flight schedule it would make for a much more pleasant first experience of the island!

    Breezes was fab and you must tell anyone you send there to book their tours with Azizi. He has a shop on the beach about a 5 minute walk north and gave us great rates in comparison to the hotel. The other thing to warn other guests about is that the ice they use in the cocktails is made from the local water and can make you very sick. I almost missed my dive because I had dreadful stomach pains but we soon clocked what had started it and steered clear of them (a shame when you're a massive cocktail fan!) For any younger visitors, or for the young at heart, we had a great time at a club called Jambo, which was a 10 minute taxi ride from the hotel and suggested by my dive instructor - go on a Friday night!

    All in all it was the trip of a lifetime and combined exactly what we wanted; paradise with a few activities thrown in! If you're ever hiring for new travel consultants, please drop me an email!!

    Many thanks,

  • 05-09-11 Client Feedback - Tailored Kenyan Safari

    Hi Bruce

    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but I have had my hands full since my return.

    I am glad I requested the Norfolk and it was not one you had recommended as it was very disappointing. The hotel it’s self is very nice as were the staff. However the food was very expensive and very poor quality. The organisation or lack of was a problem as we were told to be ready at 6.30 for our game drive in Nairobi National Park. We were told that they would provide packed breakfast and lunch. However we didn’t actually get picked up until 8.30 and would therefore have had time to eat breakfast in the restaurant. When we were finally ready to go the hotel had forgotten our lunch. Nobody was able to tell us when we were being picked up for transfer to the mara and they didn’t find the itinerary that had been left at the desk for us until we paid the bill to depart. I would not go back there and would not recommend this hotel to anyone. Not the best start to our holiday.

    Fortunately your choices were much better and I loved the Mara Porini camps. Although I had requested 5 days in one camp as I didn’t want to move around we were actually in the Ol Kinyei Camp for 3 days and Lion Camp for 2. I was a bit miffed at first but soon realised it was not a bad thing at all.

    Ol Kinyei was the best place I have ever stayed in. The camp was really well appointed but the staff, the food and the service were just amazing. The small touches they add to look after you and ensure you enjoy your stay are extremely thoughtful and really do make a big difference I have never been so well looked after anywhere in the world. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Kenya this is a must go to place. The wild life was wonderful and local area outstanding.

    Lion camp was less well appointed and the staff were wonderful but not to the same level as the Ol Kinyei Camp. However the guides were totally awesome and the game was much more prolific. They managed to find not just one Leopard but two and they then managed to go back at right time to find the young male Leopard hunting as they had predicted. I am overall glad that our stay was split but I don’t think I would be as keen to stay at the Lion Camp again. I will however be going back to the Ol Kinyei Camp.

    Samatian Island Lodge was the most amazingly tranquil place I have ever been. Why people rush to the coast when this totally wonderful chilled out place is available I will never know. The food, staff and management were all wonderful and certainly gave Ol Kinyei a run for its money. Our every want was accommodated. The one and only down side was the bugs and insects which got a bit much once or twice. Everywhere was spotlessly clean so I’m not talking anything nasty or unexpected but the time of year was certainly a factor. I would highly recommend the lodge to anyone. This is definitely Africa at its best and most relaxed.

    The Giraffe Manor more than lived up to my expectations. I have been waiting 20 years to visit here and it did not disappoint. The most wonderful way to end our holiday.

    As you know I had to really persuade Dave to visit Kenya and was very nervous about going there in case he didn’t like it. However Dave fell in love with Kenya and said he thought this was the best holiday we have ever had. It clearly was head and shoulders above anything else we have ever done. All the transfers went like clockwork without any delays or problems. Well done to everyone involved in organising our trip it was fabulous.

    Many thanks for all your efforts Bruce you are a star! You didn’t let me down :-) Well done!

    With Kind regards and best wishes

  • 29-09-11 Client Feedback - Breezes Beach Club and Spa

    Hi Bruce, I have received the remaining contribution for our honeymoon. Thank you very much and please thank your accounts man. I also wanted to say thank you for everything that you did for our honeymoon. We had the most wonderful time at Breezes Beach Resort and Spa. We would recommend it to any honeymooners. We would also recommend Pure Zanzibar to anyone who wants to travel to Zanzibar or Africa. We loved that you could recommend resorts based on our individual needs because you yourself had experienced what each had to offer. Thank you. Jaclyn
  • 04-10-11 Client Feedback

    Hi Bruce

    Great holiday. All went realy well. The hotels were great and the connections and transfers were all fine.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards

  • 06-10-11 Client Feedback - Fumba Beach Lodge


    How lovely of you to ask.

    Fumba was such a lovely hotel, didn’t really feel like a hotel at all, more like a series of self-contained huts. It was picture postcard perfect and felt calm, peaceful and rustically understated. Gorgeous.

    We had a great safari too, our ranger said we’d been very lucky. I think I liked the leopards and the eagle owl best.

    Many thanks for all your help,

    Kind regards

  • 07-10-11 Client Feedback - Safari and Beach Itinerary

    Hi Bruce,

    Had a brilliant time thank you and we were so happy with you recommendations. The Zanzibari was a perfect choice for the first 2 days as it was in a beautiful setting. Very chilled placed. The food was brilliant too. We had a walk up to the main town, pass the fishing village and on the way back stopped at the aquarium. Plenty to do in the 2 days that we were there.

    The transfer to the airport for the Selous flight was a little bit tight, we got there 15minutes before take off, thankfully they let us through.

    Selous was amazing. The place was beautiful and we didn’t feel like we were staying in a tent. The food at the lodge and the picnics on safari were so tasty. We saw lots of animals, though sad we didn’t see the Rhino or Leopard. The guides were brilliant. We saw a Pride of 14 female Lions on one days and on another day 11 males. We also saw 30 elephants walking pass us and then they crossed over the path in front of us, that was surreal, they are so big. The guide nearly run over a hippo but thankfully the hippo run off but not before it made as think that it was going to ram us. Scary but very funny moment. The walking tour at 6am and the afternoon boat tour were great too. It would be great if you could pass on our comments to Clive about the 2 waiters that were on duty the days that we were there, they were fantastic. We were so sad to leave them and really wish we could have taken them home. We actually nicknamed them Ant and Dec because they were short and cute. Seriously though, the level of service from these 2 guys was brilliant, and we really miss our wake up call with coffee and biscuits.

    Breezes Resort – Wow. We didn’t realise how big and posh this would be. The first day we wished we were back at the smaller lodges but by day 2 we were lapping up all the services. The massage at the spa, champagne, the sundowners, the kites surfing lesson…. It was all brilliant. Every night at the restaurant they changes the whole theme (draps, cloths, waiter cloths), and the food and entertainment matched the theme. We never got bored. The only thing we wished is that they started the entertainment a little later so that we had time to finish our meal, as every night we (and a third of the guest) missed half of the show.

    Stone Town, accommodation at Kisiwi House, again was brilliant. 1 and a half days were just another time to get round the Stone Town area. A night at Forodhani Square (yummy!) was nice too, though I would love to eat there every night.

    Thank you for all your help booking our honeymoon.

    Anna & Rich.
  • 10-10-11 Client Feedback

    Hi Bruce,

    Good to hear from you and apologies for not replying sooner, it has been pretty hectic at work since we got back.

    We had a very nice time in Zanzibar.

    We enjoyed the visit to Stone Town and the Spice tour particularly.

    The sea is beautiful to look at although somewhat difficult to actually "use".

    The resort was great, everything was new and it was fairly quiet except for a large photo shooting crew that took over the pool area at times... The service was really good in general, in some cases their English was not great or they were poorly qualified but there were some wonderful people too and everyone tried their best.

    All in all a good experience, possibly best combined with a Safari in mainland Tanzania.

    Flights and transfers worked perfectly so no buts about this and well done!

    Thanks for all your help..

    All the best

  • 01-11-11 Client Feedback


    We had an excellent time and cannot thank you enough for steering us to the right hotel. Staff fabulous, food delicious and wonderful accommodation. The pool is fantastic.

    Will go again.

  • 07-11-11 Client Feedback - Fumba Beach Lodge & Unguja Lodge

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your email. Let me first apologize for the email that you received our first night - someone was not in the best of moods :).

    The rest of the honeymoon was lovely. Fumba Beach was beautiful - although the weather didn't behave for us to see a sunset, we did enjoy plenty of time by the pool and good food in the restaurant. We loved our transfer by private dhow and lunch on an island en route. However, Unguja would have to be the highlight - the Baobab villa was amazing, and we enjoyed mingling with the owners and enjoying nature (we had a family of monkeys that frequented our backyard). We also liked Stone Town, although were not expecting power to be out quite so often. I don't think either of us got a hot shower in those 2 days but we made it work. In particular, we enjoyed the street meat in the Fordolani gardens - definitely recommend it to your clients!

    Thanks for all of your help. We couldn't have been happier with our honeymoon.



  • 17-09-12 Client Feedback - Hotel Seacliff

    Dear Bruce,

    Thanks for your enquiry. It all went very well. Travel arrangements went smoothly; Oman Air was pretty crowded on the Muscat-Zanzibar leg, and return, and the aircraft they use on that sector are older than the smart Airbuses they have for London-Muscat. Zanzibar Unique met us efficiently, and handled the transfer back to the airport well at the end of our stay. The Sea Cliff is an excellent hotel - very comfortable, good facilities, helpful staff and service. My only disappointment was that I couldn't find anyone to play tennis with! - their coach was a gym person rather than a courts player! Their shuttle bus in and out of Stonetown worked well, and this is pretty essential since the local "dulla-dulla" terminates a 20-minute walk from the hotel. The excursions they offered |(eg to dolphins, spice gardens) were definitely on the pricey side, but they didn't seem to mind if clients made arrangements privately with lower-cost operators.

    It was a great holiday, and we were glad to have gone with Pure Zanzibar. It's always difficult to make exact comparisons, because we don't know the prices of the relevant air tickets, but we think we had a slightly better price on the hotel element than a friend of ours who joined us there, travelling from Oman! regards ,

    Stuart Laing

  • 02-10-12 Client Feedback - Neptune Pwani

    Hi Bruce

    We had a wonderful time thanks and I've been meaning to email you to let you know just that. I've done a review for Trip advisor so you can see it on there, and I've given you a mention! We wished we had paid more and done the safari but that's for another year!!

    Loved the place, the food was terrific as were the people, and the weather was great just a few downpours that's all, we both said wished we had done 14 nights! Loved the Josani forest trip and enjoyed Stone Town with the sunset cruise although shame it went out of an industrial area, the views were marred by that but the sunset was very lovely indeed.

    All the connecting travel arrangements were spot on and on time which was good too. Thanks again for your help and patience. I know we will return to Zanzibar and with a safari (not next year as we have a Boston trip planned and hoping to go to Croatia) but will definitely be back in touch and I've recommended you to everyone we have told about the holiday!

    Thanks again we loved it!

    Tracey Schoales
  • 09-02-12 Client Feedback - Unguja Lodge / The Palms

    Hi Bruce

    I'm sorry it's taken me a month (exactly!) to get back to you.

    Memories of Zanzibar are not long forgotten, we had a wonderful time. I thought I was in paradise, the sand pure white, the sea a perfect turquoise and warmth all day and all night. I think I should go back there right now!

    We loved Unguja Lodge, everything about it. It's rustic charm, the tray of tea and biscuits every morning, the decor, the owners it was amazing. We got to swim with dolphins which our daughter thought amazing.

    When we moved on to The Palms it was raining, in fact we had rain for the last 3 days, one day for most of the day. Although it was still warm we were rather trapped inside! On arriving at The Palms we were told we were the only guests and it was quite lonely and no people watching to do either. I have to say that the food was amazing and on the last night they asked us to write our own menu which was lovely, we really chose items they had already made for us. The staff were lovely and obviously very attentive. However we preferred Unguja Lodge, we missing the open air shower and the monkeys coming to steal our clementines (and scaring Katie on one occasion forcing her to look herself in the toilet!) and didn't really like all the mod cons of aircon, a kettle etc!

    After 4 days in Zanzibar we were itching for something more active to do. There is only so much reading, sleeping, snorkelling, eating etc we can do. It was certainly too hot for tennis and we're not divers. We will go back but we will go for 3 or 4 days after a safari to unwind and we'll definitely stay at Unguja and we'll take supplies for the local school.

    So we'll be in touch when we're planning our next trip.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year and you're enjoying the recent weather?




  • 11-01-13 Client Feedback - Diani Reef Resort and Spa

    Dear Bruce

    We had a wonderful time in Kenya and the hotel was lovely – excellent food (especially New Year’s Eve) and very friendly staff.

    It would have been helpful to know that our luggage allowance was going to be much less on the domestic flight, something we hadn’t allowed for and therefore incurred extra baggage penalties. Also Kenyan dollars were definitely preferable to US dollars and we’d recommend you suggest your clients take this currency.

    Gamewatchers Safaris arranged a restaurant for us for dinner before our night flight. This was really helpful as coincidentally the flight home was delayed for about 3 hours meaning a departure time of 2.00 am. So instead of endless additional hours at the airport it wasn’t too bad and we could go straight to sleep on the plane!

    Both families agreed that the holiday was fantastic and the hotel suited our needs.

    Thank you for arranging this for us.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

    Kind regards Catherine and Judy

  • 04-02-13 Client Feedback - Elewana Sky Safari

    Hi Bruce,

    Lovely to hear from you.

    We had an absolutely amazing time, our best holiday ever. I could talk about it for hours … !

    When we’ve had the chance to go through the 4,000+ photos we took, I’ll send you a few or an online link if easier.

    For now, just a few highlights:

    - We ended up being the only two on the Sky Safari so we had the benefit of a private safari without having to pay the extra for it! - We were also fortunate in that I mentioned that we’d originally been pleased that this trip would mean we’d have stayed in every Elewana property but that this wasn’t now going to be true after the opening of the Serengeti Pioneer Camp. Elewana were amazingly flexible – they changed our itinerary for us so that we spent one night at the Serengeti Migration Camp and the other at the Serengeti Pioneer Camp (which was wonderful and we prefer it to Migration Camp). So we believe we are the first people to have stayed in every Elewana property! - Alan and Maike have moved from being the GMs at Kilindi and are now the GMs at Arusha Coffee Lodge which was a lovely surprise as we get along with them very well. Maike did our introductory briefing for the Sky Safari herself and we had dinner with both of them on our last night in Arusha. - The Ngorongoro Manor Lodge was amazing and the food was exceptional. Martyn, the GM, was very welcoming also and spent quite some time with us, including lunch on our last day. We also managed to fit in having a massage (included) and a visit to the coffee plantation (small extra charge). - Afro Chic was amazing too. We love Stephan! And our room was wonderful too. He also has an amazing team who he has trained very well – they really looked after us. Stephan even took us out shopping one afternoon and we sat and had drinks together in a bar close by. What other hotel chain provides that kind of personal service? We were very sad to leave. - All in all, the trip has confirmed that we love the Elewana brand and really identify with it. In fact, it’s spoilt us for any other brand as they made us feel very special everywhere we stayed.

    And the safari itself was really wonderful. We saw so many animals, many very close by, especially lions, elephants and giraffes. Our safari guides were all very good, very knowledgeable and amazing at spotting the animals.

    You know how much we were looking forward to this trip and I have to say it managed to surpass even my highest expectations. You have to go …. ! Or wait until Elewana introduce their new Kenyan sky safari soon and try that?

    I’m happy to tell you more about it during a telephone call if you like.

    ‘Bye for now.

    Best wishes.


  • 17-12-12 Client Feedback - Manta Resort Pemba

    Hi Bruce,

    Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you – first few weeks back at work were pretty busy!

    We would like to say a huge thanks for your wonderful suggestion of both Pemba Island and the Manta Resort. We had an absolutely fantastic time: the island was in fact more beautiful than we’d imagined, and the resort itself exactly what we were hoping for –even better, perhaps! The staff were just so friendly and couldn’t do enough for us, the food was really very good and you were spot on with the cocktails: the Voodoo Juice with the rum, marmalade and clove honey was sublime! And the actual resort was designed so tastefully, in keeping with the general feel of the place, but with some really very stylish decorative touches. Wonderful!

    We did next to nothing: swam, read books, ate drank and wafted from the pool to the sea as the tides changed. We also learnt to scuba dive and THAT was a revelation. David, the divemaster, was excellent.

    So, thank you so much for all your advice and effort. Booking our honeymoon through Pure Zanzibar – and you in particular – meant we really did have the dream holiday for which we had hoped. Thank you for being so, well, gifted at sensing what we wanted.

    Let me know if you’d like us to write an online review anywhere – very happy to.

    Wishing you a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year.

    Lauren and Guy

  • 24-06-13 Client Feedback - Chumbe / Essque Zalu

    Hi Bruce

    The service we got from you was exemplary. From when we were first in touch by phone, your timeliness, suggestions and clarity of communication was excellent. You were always upfront and clear about prices, and helped us put together a great itinerary to match our budget.

    What particularly impressed and pleased me was that when we needed to switch the order of our Zanzibar holiday, you arranged this all for us, at no cost. This was a huge relief; given all the planning that had gone in to our honeymoon, only to have it potentially scuppered by 1time going bust, it was a great relief that you replanted things so we could still enjoy both locations of our Zanzibar break.

    Everything worked absolutely perfectly in terms of logistics. The only exception being that there was no one waiting for us or to take us from International arrivals to Domestic Departures at TNZ. Not the end of the world, we just hopped in a taxi but you might want to contact your local supplier about that FYI.

    The flight to Zanzibar was smooth and fine, as were all other connections. The Drivers were all on time and very friendly and nice. The cars are not exactly luxurious but they're fine for their purpose, so long as like us, expectations aren't for a brand new Merc or suchlike.

    Chumbe Island was just amazing. 2 nights was the right amount of time for us. Though if you really do just want to relax 'in paradise' you could enjoy longer. The staff were excellent and the food was some of the best we had on our honeymoon. Great snorkelling, and interesting walk round the island, and some fun spotting the Snow crabs. It was really the perfect way to start our Honeymoon.

    Only point for you to note about the Island was the interesting 'transfer' at the end. I think it was because the tide was out, but we had to wade a fair distance in the sea that was above our waists. Although the staff carried our bigger cases, it was still quite difficult carrying our smaller bags and having dressed ready for the drive, we weren't really expecting to be soaked! It wasn't a problem for us, but I can imagine that some guests (thinking for example of my parents) would really struggle with this. It probably needs to be better explained on the morning of departure, and the staff should arrange to help carry all bags so you can just focus on not falling over in the sea!

    Essque Zalu is amazing, truly spectacular. Staff all fantastic, and just an incredible Hotel. The food was excellent. Dinner was literally Michelin standard every evening. We went to the town for dinner one night and whilst it was nice, we wished we hadn't missed dinner at the Hotel for it. There is a turtle sanctuary 3 minutes walk from the entrance to the Hotel. It's not advertised though and we happened on it by chance. But you can swim with the turtles and they are very friendly and inquisitive. It was one of the highlights of our Honeymoon and would recommend you mentioning this to anyone visiting Zanzibar and certainly who are staying at Essque.

    We used a dive company called Poisson Divers I think. They're on TA if that name isn't quite right. They were also excellent and arranged a taxi to pick us up each morning which was good as cheaper than if arranged through the Hotel.

    Eithopia airlines were OK, no concerns on that front and got us to SA just fine.

    All in all it was a brilliant holiday and the perfect start to our Honeymoon. Wouldn't have changed a thing and would do it all again tomorrow!

    Thank you again for your service and very best regards,


  • 09-06-13 Client Feedback

    Hi Bruce

    We had a wonderful time. No issues, hassle free. Both accommodations were exceptionally good 10/10 and we wouldn't hesitate to return.

    Thanks for all your help.


    Sent from my iPad

  • 24-08-13 Customer Feedback - Langi Langi


    Everything went perfectly.

    Dad absolutely loved every minute of it.

    Thanks so much for your help. Also the stay at Langi Langi was great mainly because it is family owned and the owner was an absolute character.

    Thanks again.


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